Your online product content needs to stand out, now more than ever, to capture your customer’s attention and clearly articulate your product’s’ value proposition to drive purchase conversions

According to a recent Sourcenet PRO FutureBuy Study:

of respondents said that they are now less loyal to any one brand and need to shop around to find the best value.

said that retailers, advertisers and brands have less influence on their purchase decisions than ever before.

Enhanced Content for Brands

Manage all product content in one place

We provide a single, online portal for you to manage all your product content elements including structured content, enhanced content, images, videos and more.

We make creation a piece of cake

We can create inline, unstructured content (often referred to as A+ Content) utilising enhanced content elements you’ve already created for your website or select retailers. Or, we can simply build it from scratch.

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Put your best foot forward

We combine your enhanced content pages with your structured content elements and syndicate any changes and updates daily to our network of thousands of retailers and distributors to ensure you have your best content in the channel.

Enhanced Content for Retailers

From a nice to have to a need to have

Enhanced content is proven to increase sales and lower cart abandonment and return rates. Beat your competition to the punch and stand out with differentiated content.

Get it online fast!

We make it easy to receive and deploy rich content from the brands you carry in our network. No matter what your system requirements, we have you covered: on-site widget, download or hosted delivery.

The power of Enhanced Content

What is A+ Content?

A+ Content is unstructured ‘free form’ content. It can include all of the Rich Content elements from the previous page. Here’s why A+ content is becoming an industry necessity to enable eCommerce.

A+ content boosts creativity

Because A+ content is a is a free-form product page, it gives manufacturers much more space and freedom to display content relatively in a way that helps shoppers get to know the products better, directly leading to increased purchase conversions and decreased product returns. A+ content focuses on highlighting a product’s’ key value proposition and benefits. It tells a product’s story with examples and images and answers the question, “Why would someone want to buy this product?

More robust marketing

A+ pages go above and beyond product specifications and can include product marketing, images, videos, comparison charts and social media to help you get a product story in front of potential buyers.

Detailed, and keyword rich marketing descriptions can dramatically boost SEO and provide compelling content that can also be leveraged for Social Media campaigns.

Improve the customer shopping experience!

Today’s online shopping experience is all about creating engaging content. 82% of consumers go online to do product research before buying (Deloitte) so it is crucial that you grab your customer’s attention, keep it and seal the deal.

A+ content educates prospective customers and updates current clients on how a product works and solves their needs.